Play Story Cards online

The Story Cards are most fun when you use with them with others. But you can’t always be in the same room with everyone you’d like to play with. That’s why you can use them online, too!

On you can play card games online together with others. Free of charge and with a virtually unlimited number of fellow players. You can also use the Story Cards there! It’s a bit tricky at the moment, but with the instructions here it’s done in a few minutes!

To help you use the story cards online, I have an explanation for you here! Just follow it step by step and everything should go smoothly and if you need help, just contact me. Either on Twitter, via email or below in a comment.

Story Cards online aufsetzen

Step 1: Go to and under „Create a new room“ open a new virtual game room from the „Other/Custom“ category. Then click Start Game, which will take you to a screen similar to this one.

Should look similar to this.

Now click on the toolkit in the top left. This will lead you to the edit mode.

Click, please!

You’re in the edit mode now. Here you can change the cards in use. But don’t worry. I’ve prepared something for you. Just click on „Room Options“ in the drawer thingy below.

With Import Room you can now upload a file. You get this file together with the print and play version in my Ko-Fo shop. You can pay whatever you want for it.

Now simply upload the room to Then click on the toolkit in top left again. Your room should look like this now. :

You can now click on „Lay Cards“ to automatically get cards layed out on the fields. Click on the cards to flip them and when you want them to disappear just click on „Recall & Shuffle“.

Now you can start immediately. Have fun!


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